Thursday, October 13, 2011

Another Try

It has been exactly a year since I've written a post for this blog.

Why did I stop? (again)

Several reasons.

I just don't seem to have time.

It is really hard to come up with new things to talk about every day.

My shtick was getting old.

So, what's changed, why post after all this time?

Well, nothings really changed.

I have even less time, because I have two jobs and a family. And one of my jobs takes a whole bunch of my time, but is so much fun. I have really thrown myself into my work to an extent I haven't ever done before. It is fabulous.

It will probably still be hard to find things to write about every day. Or two or three times a week. But I'm going to do it, at least for a little while!

I may not write just about cooking anymore. And I am not going to look for things to make fun of in other people's cooking. I will still be right about all things culinary, but I may not pronounce it with such gusto.

So, why decide to go back to blogging?

Welllll, for a couple of reasons.

I have found it getting more difficult to write for my job. Writing for my job was actually easier when I was blogging on a regular basis. Exercising those muscles and all of that.

I miss the interaction with people who leave comments, both good and bad. But of course I hate those filthy spammer comments. So pardon me for still moderating comments. I promise I will approve everything except spam, so please leave some comments!

Thanks for reading and for your encouragement. I promise not to suck as much tomorrow.


The Reader said...


Glad you're back :-)

The Mendon Foodie said...

Thanks! I knew I'd see you back here. ;)

adrienne said...

I'm glad you'll be posting here again.

I found the same thing with my blog. I stopped updating for a while, and all my writing seemed to suffer.