Friday, November 11, 2011

My amazing daughter

In a non-cooking related post, last night I attended my daughter's high school play performance. It was called "What I want to say, but never will" a play written by a high school English teacher. He posed three questions to teenagers:

1. What do you want to say, but never will
2. Who do you want to say it to?
3. Why won't you say it?

The monologues presented by the students were funny, sad, disturbing. It was really more than just a play about teenage angst and the typical topics of sex, abuse, suicide, and peer relations, although it touched on all of those subjects. I think the deeper context was about how we, as the adults in teenagers lives, need to really listen to them. I was struck by how many of the monologues were directed at parents who seemingly wouldn't listen or wouldn't understand; I think that perhaps that is only the writers' perceptions, but we as parents need to do a better job of making sure that our kids know they really can talk to us about anything. Of course, I think the way to do that is to really listen to them to begin with, and not just tell them, "You can tell me anything". That actually rings kind of hollow and false.

It was a great play. I'll be back again tonight to see it again. The  play was interspersed with musical numbers, the kids really are very talented. Here is my Hannah's musical performance. It was amazing.

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