Sunday, November 30, 2008

Deb's Pie

I'm busily ensconced this weekend managing 60+ kids at six performances of the Nutcracker. It is a lot of fun, but it leaves no time for anything, inlcuding feeding my family. So we eat leftovers and go out to Dim Sum restaurants in between performances.

I did receive this picture from my intrepid friend, who was willing to try to tackle pie crust with my encouragement. Good job!

It doesn't have to be perfect, mine certainly never are, at least in the looks department. They taste fantastic, of course. I am practicing rolling. I recently bought a french rolling pin. It makes all the difference in the world! Here is what my friend had to say about making her crust:

"I had to add more butter and more water than your recipe says before I could even get it to ball up. And I am no good at rolling it out without it breaking apart.

I decided to shred frozen butter like it says in the Scones recipe from Cook's Illustrated. I unfortunately shredded my thumb knuckle only eight strokes into it, and so switched to cutting it into little tiny pieces and freezing it again.

No actual blood in the pie.

We'll see what everyone has to say tomorrow"

Now, my only comment is that she should have just used more ice water; the amount needed can vary every time you make a pie depending on the humidity, flour temperature, and who knows how many other factors. But, hey, she gave it a go, which is more than I can say for a lot of women out there who rely on store bought pie crust. Get with it, ladies.


Anonymous said...

"I cringe when June's sweet to me. It means she thinks I'm a moron."

This post seems too suspiciously "nice".

Deb said...

For the record:

This is the *uncooked* pie. The cooked pie looked like it, just nice and crisp and golden-brown.

I didn't get a chance to take a photo of it because I was too busy cooking the rest of the Thanksgiving dinner, and then by the time I thought of it we had already cut into it.

I did end up making the pumpkin pie with roll-a-crust. This pie crust won hands-down. I figured this out by the brilliant strategy of asking my guests. Also, the pumpkin pie remains are still in the refrigerator, whereas this apple pie was gone by Friday night.

Deb said...

I meant to say, June's pie crust recipe won. I just read that over and could see how it could read that the roll-a-crust won.