Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Stress

If only I could just COOK, dammit, on thanksgiving. What's with all this CLEANING!!!

Since we had all of our kids here for a "Thanksgiving" dinner at the end of October, for the real Thanksgiving, my sister in law and I are making this meal for Thanksgiving. The best part is that she is an even better cook than I am (if that is possible). We are leaving out a few of the dishes because the menu is for twelve and there will be only seven of us, my smallest Thanksgiving dinner ever. My daughter is going to her fiancee's family and my son couldn't make it back from his military training. I will probably need either anti-depressants or lots of alcohol to get through it. I guess I'll probably go for the alcohol!

Anyway, good luck with your cooking endeavors tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving.

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