Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another Rant

Okay, eventually I'll get back to posting some recipes, but I do have to rant a bit about one of my pet peeves: margarine.

Before I do, though, I have to come right out and say (because if I don't, Prissy will out me anyway) that there has been Smart Balance margarine in my fridge from time to time. My two older kids were corrupted by their friends at college and begged me to buy it for them when they were home on their breaks. They're young and I'm a big softie, so I have bought it for them when they're home on occasion. I refused, however, to use it to make my son scrambled eggs when he asked me to. I won't make anything that doesn't taste good. And you can bet scrambled eggs made with artificial butter don't taste good.

Don't believe those who tell you butter is bad and margarine is better for you; how can a sub-standard substitute be better for you? Follow Julia Child's advice: use real ingredients and use them in moderation. Okay, so I'm not good at the moderation thing, but that's why God invented Lipitor.

Notice the picture of Laura embracing her container of "I Can't believe its not Butter". I take pity on her so many times and I don't publish half of the stupid kitchen choices she makes, but I told her I couldn't abide her using margarine. If she wanted to be my disciple, she was going to have to stop. Her argument? Well, I like it and it spreads so easily on my toast. Faulty reasoning if ever I heard any. The only reason a person would like it is because they have the palate of a woodchuck. Anyone who likes margarine or Miracle Whip should again go find a blog dedicated to trailer park cuisine. Let the butter sit for a moment on your toast while the heat from the bread softens the thinly sliced pats into a smooth and creamy sweetness. Then spread it to the farthest reaches of your toast, letting a small amount pool in the center to give that last, best bite a little extra richness. Even better on one of my homemade English Muffins. I'll post that recipe as soon as I can find the picture of them that is hiding somewhere on this stupid computer.

I love you Laura, you know I only want the best for you. And the rest of you, too.


Laura K said...

Okay, you win. but only because i just saw this headline:

A trio of Canadian adventurers said Friday they have set a new record for fastest trek across Antarctica to the South Pole, after suffering through whiteout conditions, temperatures as low as minus 40 — and a steady diet of deep-fried bacon and BUTTER.

I'll be sure to take lots of BUTTER next time I'm at the SOUTh POLE.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in the household of two parents who had grown up during and just after the depression. My dad would choose margarine over butter any time he had the choice, for his whole life, the rest of us all tend to the real thing, Grandchildren, too. But my mother swears her Toll House Cookies are just not right if they are made with anything except cheap margarine!! Of course "they also taste better because they're made on the same cookie sheets" she's had for about 50 years, now and because she uses a recipe that isn't the one on the Nestle's bag (though it IS key to use Nestle's chips, and not any other semi sweet chocolate chips). But that's my take on margarine. It just doesn't cut it if the option exist, though I'll confess - I will choose to take margarine over having plain, dry toast without anything...
But as always, June, when I read your blog, I feel as though I'm sitting at your table and it makes me smile as I listen (read!). Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

So, where's the english muffin recipe? We've waited long enough.