Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I should blog

I really should, but I haven't been feeling my usual bitchy self lately. I'm sure some of you might say that is an improvement, but it just isn't as much fun. I think I need to sit in front of my hubbie's light box with him. He has SADD so he uses the light therapy to keep from killing himself in the winter. Or to keep me from killing him, one or the other.

My son left and I won't see him for almost a year, I had a blood vessel leaking in my eye, my computer is kinda on the fritz, and January is just a depressing time of year. I think I need to cook something new. I got a really cool ice cream maker as a gift and that has lifted my spirits. So far our favorite is frozen yogurt. I mixed a large carton of plain yogurt, a half cup of cream, a half cup of sugar, and some fresh raspberries together and dumped it in. Twenty minutes later we had a tasty, creamy, frozen treat. Yummy! I'm feeling better just thinking about it. I have also made vanilla ice cream in it. The next thing I want to try is chocolate. Then I will heat up some peanut butter until it is kind of melty and drizzle it on top. If you can get some really super nice person to give you an ice cream maker for no apparent reason, I would definitely recommend accepting it and making some really cool frozen treats. Gotta go, ice cream is calling my name.

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