Thursday, August 26, 2010

Salsa-On the Grill!

My head is spinning with all the veggies available at the Farmer's markets and farm stands right now. I am doing my best to incorporate it all into my daily dinner plans, as well as putting some of it away for winter.

Hannah and Alex have been asking me to make burritos for dinner. Nothing special, just some average beans, rice, guacamole, lettuce, etc. Last night I got tired of the begging finally got around to it. I had some leftover baby back ribs in the fridge and while this is far from traditional, I took the meat off the bones and used the meat in the burritos. We let everyone make their own, so I set out dishes of the aforementioned guac, lettuce, rice, cheese,  beans (Oh, BTW, Grandma Foodie has the best way to make quick beans for Mexican dinner: Take 1 can of pinto beans, undrained and one can of refried beans. Mix together and add a ton of chopped garlic and an insane amount of black pepper. Heat on top of the stove, or put into a casserole dish, top with cheddar cheese and heat in the oven until hot and the cheese is melted.)

And I also put out a big bowl of just made salsa that I grilled. Yes, I grilled it.

Does that make no sense to you?

You just haven't lived yet, then., because the grill is the perfect place to prep the ingredients for your homemade salsa. Char everything, then whir it all together in the food processor. Eat it immediately, because it is actually best hot. Yes, hot. The flavors of the chilies and tomatoes really stand out just as it's made. Fry up some tortilla chips (yes, I said fry some tortilla chips; you really wouldn't want to use chips from a bag. They're just so, so, bleah! Not as good as ones made from stale corn tortillas.

I had just returned from the farmer's market, having bought way more tomatoes than I could really use, (if there is such a thing) and as I was putting them away, I had a revalation: make salsa to go with the burritos.
My salsa on the grill can be made quickly and easily and it is hands down the best homemade salsa I have ever eaten (not to toot my own horn; okay, I'll toot my own horn). You simply must try it. No arguments. I don't want to hear your whining. Just do it now. While the tomatoes and chilies are still ripe and before you need a parka to stand outside and use the grill. (BTW, you can make this salsa with supermarket roma tomatoes in the broiler during the winter. I'll let you.)

Salsa on the grill
2 jalapenos
4 cloves garlic
1 onion, halved
6-8 tomatoes, halved
1 bunch cilantro
juice of one lime
salt and pepper

Heat the grill to medium. I like to use one of those grill pans to do the tomatoes and garlic, but everything else can go straight on the grill grates. Grill until charred on one side and flip and do the other. Try not to let the onions get too burned. Here is what my grill looked like

I was also grilling poblanos and corn, obviously.

After everything is nicely charred, put ONE jalapeno and the garlic and onions into the food processor and chop briefly with on and off turns. You can add the other jalapeno later if you want it spicier, just try it first. Add the tomatoes and pulse again. Add the cilantro and pulse again. Put into a bowl, add the lime juice and salt and pepper. Eat a bunch before you tell everyone it is done because you won't get any after they know it's ready.


The Reader said...

Okay, finally. I've been looking for a salsa recipe, and finally you come through with one.

So - can this be frozen? Made in huge batches and stored in the fridge for how long?? We can get all that stuff, can grill it (it will work in the broiler????? really? is that how to roast stuff in the oven, the broiler, not the regular bottom part???), etc. but how much can we make at a time without it going bad before we eat it all?????

(no, I am NOT going to make it fresh every week. Please don't tell me I have to.....)

Sounds and looks delicious. I'm assuming, too, that it doesn't actualy matter if we can't control the temp on the grill, so long as we take things off as they become charred, right?

Do you get a headache dealing with me???? Should I be mailing you some excedrin when I post questions???

The Mendon Foodie said...

Ay yi yi! (Like the Spanish reference in regards to salsa?)

Yes, you can make big batches. But if you do, make sure you squeeze as take the tomatoes and squeeze out the seeds and juice, this salsa gets watery if it sits in the fridge overnight. Alternately, I would put any that you don't finish (we rarely have that problem) and cook it down on top of the stove to reduce the liquid; it is pretty soupy. Of course if you use roma tomatoes or something like that, you know, really firm, not juicy, it shouldn't be a problem. Try freezing some and see how it goes, I have never done it.

Generally, you roast vegetables in the oven at high temperatures, and only a few do you broil, tomatoes and chilies being the only ones I can think of at the moment.

Yes, just take them off the grill as they are charred.

No need to send excedrin. You're too much fun. But I might have to make fun of you again soon. You know, with love and all. :)

The Reader said...

Thanks for the reply. Make fun all you want; it's why I love you. Your blog is such a riot and fun to read aside from delicious food. If getting myself made fun of is payment for getting my questions answered, I'll consider that a fair trade. : )