Monday, December 1, 2008

Leave some comments, dammit

I know there are some people reading this blog besides Laura. She can't be logging on here as many times a day as it is being accessed. She may be one of my biggest fans, and the ultimate goddess of blogging, but she does have a life. Just one that doesn't involve cooking.

So, get to the point, you say? Leave a comment. I don't want to hear your whining about not knowing how. It is not that hard. I want to hear if you disagree with me, agree with me, think I'm a nutjob, whatever! Tell me what you're cooking and I'll tell you if you're doing it right. I may be opening a big can of worms, but I am curious. Do you know me, or just want to know me? Do you think I'm a bitch? Okay, maybe I am. Sometimes. Let me know.


Deb said...

What am I? Chopped liver?

For that matter, Ms. Cooking Goddess, how about you give us a great recipe for chopped liver?

Not that I like chopped liver, particularly. But the way you do it, maybe I will.

The Mendon Foodie said...

Of course you are not chopped liver. Have you not heard of artistic license? I will have to dig up my mom's greatest pate recipe ever. After all, what is pate but chopped liver? Good chopped liver, with Calvados and apples and port wine aspic. A little complicated, but worth it, and a good Christmas recipe.

Joy said...

I confess I have been logging on and not commenting. And yes I think your a nut job, mostly disagree, and I have seen you be a bitch. But we are related so that makes me a nut job and a sometimes bitch too!!!!! But your such a snot and make me laugh its a great diversion for me. Heres a really good recipe. Mostly for summer but would be pretty for Christmas, for those not on a budget.
Grape Tomatos
Cubed watermelon
Whole Basel leaves
Balsamic Glaze(make or buy at Wegs)
Make kabobs, putting basil in between each fruit and then drizzle glaze on plate then on kabobs. These are sooooooooo good!!!!! Love Ya

Joy said...

Oh No, just saw a couple spelling errors, should have spell check. I know how you hate that. Do you still want me to leave comments?. I dont want your friends to think I'm some kind of hill jack. But remember I am under great stress at the moment and no help in sight!!!! So you MUST forgive me!

The Mendon Foodie said...

YOur recent stress of course forgives any spelling errors you might inadvertently make. Since you're my sister, of course. Anyone else would just be a hill jack. And yes, leave comments anyway! (For those of you who don't know what a hill jack is, it is a hillbilly who lives in OHIO! Guess what? Laura might once have been a hill jack. Hmm, maybe that explains it.

Laura K said...

oh, that hurt, June.

besides, in my part of Ohio we call ourselves WOODCHUCKS.


The Mendon Foodie said...

But you know I <3 you! Besides now that you live in the Fisher Price Village no one could call you a Woodchuck. Oh wait. That's what people up in the city call us out here in 'burbs.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited that I now have permission to call you a bitch. And disagree with you. Oh yeah, and I think you are a nut job. But you still won't allow me to question your love of jello desserts.

I would like to see a list of recipes for women who whine because every time we all get together, the food is fantastic and I know I can count on you to cover my ass and make something amazing.

You know I love you.

The Mendon Foodie said...

I was talking about the people I don't know, PK. I can always tell it's you even if you don't sign your name.

Oh, and I'm always covering your ass.

Anonymous said...

Hey June
Finally got around to reading this. I think its great. You make me laugh, even if you are bitchie. I expected you to rag on me about the beer bread, but found you left my name out and just put hostess. This was last sept. Igot your beer bread recipe and will try it.