Monday, February 1, 2010

English Chicken Curry

Grandma Foodie is off in Florida visiting relatives and cooking dinner for massive crowds almost every night. She called and requested I put up this recipe from her dear friend in California, Sandy. Sandy is from the U.K. and this recipe is an authentic version of English Curry, which as you may (or may  not) know is the British adaptation of Indian food from Colonial days. While the Indians may turn up their noses at it, I would not. You'd be bloody daft not to try it, too. (Do you like my sly British vocab references? I find myself ever so clever. Simply brilliant.)

The point is: this is damn good stuff. I made it to take down to DC with us on our recent trip. It is a great dish to make ahead, you can adjust the quantity as needed, and everybody loves it. Even my mother-in-law. Which is saying something, because, hey, if it is not Italian, it is "so unusual".

As Sandy said, this is her own made-up recipe, so adjust the spices as you like. It also has no measurements. Sorry., but it will be good practice for you.

Sandy's Chicken Curry

Add plenty of sliced onions to pan and fry in ghee or oil for about 20 minutes, slowly until golden brown. Add lots of chopped garlic and fresh grated ginger. Fry for two minutes. In another pan, add ghee or oil and add garam masala, cumin, coriander, tumeric, red pepper flakes, and curry powder. Use them to your taste, but use a little at a time.

Add onions to spices after they have been fried. In another pan, brown chicken thighs for a few minutes, then add to onion mix along with a couple of chopped tomatoes, use canned if you like, half a cup of coconut cream, and salt and pepper. Sandy also adds some par-boiled, chopped potatoes, but you do as you like. Simmer with lid on for 20 mins, then with lid off for 10 mins. Add a little water or cream if it is too dry. Serve sprinkled with cilantro and over basmati rice.

There you go, Grandma Foodie, get cookin'.

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