Saturday, February 13, 2010

Taking over for a Drunk Cook

Well, this is a true pleasure.  The Mendon Foodie has been undone by her own cooking and a little too much champagne. As June's NPLP (non-practicing Lesbian partner - aka BFF, part time wife, almost sister), I, Priscilla, have been allowed access to June's Blog site.  Of course it is the day before Valentine's Day -and I have declared  2/13 as NPLP night - the night that Best friends celebrate by cooking for each other and drinking way too much Champagne.  So ditch your husbands, boyfriends and one night stands and find a girlfriend you love and start cooking.

Here is what June and  I are having for dinner:  Champagne....(oh my God, she just kissed my forehead), some bruschetta thing that June made up, salad, and Porcini Ragout. First of all I want to thank June for preventing me from saying "ragout" it public.  Did you know, this word is pronounced "Ragu" ? -  something that I thought only Chef Boy-R-Dee made for my kids when no one was looking. (Wait, June just poured me more champagne.  God, I love her) Anyhow, June can give you the recipes - I'll just provide the ambiance.  June made the bruschetta with Wegman's Organic Miche Bread (NOTE:  there is a circonflex over the "i" according to the MENDON FOODIE).  As far as I am concerned it was just plain good bread.  She fried it up in olive oil and butter and somewhere she added a little garlic.  Once the bread was all fried up, she melted buffalo mozzarella and threw on a bunch of sliced cherry tomatoes with fresh basil, olive oil and garlic.  It was so good, I almost thought of leaving my husband and crossing to the OTHER side.  Almost. She just didn't make enough for me to have a second slice.   Anyhow, I will leave the ragout thing for her to write about tomorrow as June overcomes her 2/13 NPLP hanghover.  Likewise for the salad which the Mendon Foodie has asked me to inform everyone is incredible.  Here is the thing about being the NPLP of the Mendon Foodie.  IT IS GREAT.  I totally believe her when she says that the salad is AMAZING.  I mean you guys get to read her blog, but I get to eat her food.  So here is to you - all you readers - DON'T be jealous because I actually get to eat June's food.  Find your own NPLP - just make sure they know how to cook.

Yours Truely,

Miss Prissy.


Anonymous said...

Oh, la tortura!

Fun was being had without me, only a mile away! And YOU GOT TO GUEST BLOG?????

No fair. : (

But I tell you what, my crockpot beef stew beat Julia Child's annoying boeuf borgoinonne (or whatever) HANDS DOWN! And was ten times easier.


adrienne said...

"NPLP" is the term my BFF and I have been looking for to describe our relationship all these years. Thank you.

Also, thanks for saving me from "ragout." I had no idea it was pronounced "ragu."

The Mendon Foodie said...

@Laura- you can guest blog next time. We *did* ask you to come. And no, I will never believe anything cooked in a crock pot can beat Julia. Never. Ever.

@Adrienne- glad to help. Priscilla and I would be married to each other, except for the sex part