Sunday, January 17, 2010


Yesterday I spent the day cooking for the 50th birthday party of a friend. I agreed to do the catering for her party for fifty of her friends. Why did I do that, you ask? Because I am a masochist. Or crazy. Or I simply can't say no. Or just because she is a friend and I could. Pick one reason. Any of them are valid.

The cool thing is that Grandma Foodie showed up in town on Friday on an unrelated mission. But while she was here, I recruited her to help. So yesterday we cooked. And we cooked. And we cooked some more after I knocked an entire tray of completed enchiladas on the floor. Yes, I did. It happens. Nobody's perfect. I'm fairly close, but not quite there. Yet.

The challenging part of making this food was that it needed to be largely gluten free, as well as kosher, and contain no nuts or nut oils. So I chose to make Mexican. You can do a lot with cheese and corn. We made cheese and chili enchiladas, Mexican Caeser salad, rice, beans, guacamole, salsa, black bean and corn salsa, and arepitas.

Grandma Foodie and I cook well together. She usually has better ideas than I do, (hey, I had to get it from somewhere didn't I?) and she is just as happy to be a sous chef as a head chef and plus she makes a great dishwasher/organizer. We have differences of opinion about food sometimes, but I am always right and she is always wrong, except when she isn't. One of the areas we disagree on is guacamole. I make great guacamole. Best. Anywhere. Just ask anybody who has eaten it. Grandma Foodie thinks, however, that one should put tomatoes into one's guacamole. All I have to say about that is: fine; go ahead; if you want to ruin your guacamole; but hey, you do whatever you want.

Here is the best guacamole on earth. All measurements are approximate, you'll have to adjust it until it tastes good, like mine. Which I guess is a problem if you've never tasted my guacamole. Just do your best.

2 ripe avocados
Juice of 1/2 to 1 lime
1 large clove chopped garlic
1/3 c chopped red or green onion
Cayenne or Tabasco. Or some of both.
Salt to taste. (A lot, probably at least a teaspoon, maybe more)

This recipe is easily adjusted to larger quantities. yesterday, we made fourteen avocado's worth.

Mash avocados with a fork. Add other ingredients. The ones that will need adjusting are the lime juice, salt, and cayenne/ Tabasco. Start with a little, taste, add more. You can always add more, but you can't take it out. Fry some corn tortillas for chips, Tostitos are for losers.


Deb said...

I had all of this food last night. It was fabulous. Particularly the guacamole. And the rice. And the enchiladas. And the salad.

You probably heard the MMMMMMMMs all the way at your house, June.

TexasHeather said...

Am I still a loser if I use Tostitos only because I cannot buy corn tortillas where I live???

(wait -- you'll probably say "Yes: make your own tortillas" - in which case, forget I asked).

Seriously grateful for the recipe; my hubby wanted to make guacamole with a packet of seasoning. Your way is much better.

The Mendon Foodie said...

Deb, glad everyone liked it, but then again, why wouldn't they?

Heather, really, now. You have made it clear to me that I could never move to Brazil. A country with Tostitos but no tortillas? I will have to give you a pass. This time.

TexasHeather said...

Ack! Don't say that! I can get flour tortillas, just not corn ones. Does that help???

And the fresh fruit and veggies totally makes up for what we lack. I promise. Visit sometime; you'll see.

And thanks for the pass, just this once. I knew you were really a softie.

Anonymous said...

This meal sounds wonderful. Wish I was there but I'll take Deb's word for how delicious it tasted.