Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Nerve of Some People

Really. I know some of you are actually taking my advice and trying a few of my recipes here and there. But seriously, if you have more readers than I do, you really shouldn't try to humiliate me by taking over my territory. Especially if you're all nice, and happy, and wholesome (at least on the surface. I know what lurks behind all the goody-two-shoes stuff.) People might get the wrong idea, they  might think you can be encouraged to try some new recipe instead of beaten into submission where you just cry, "Okay, June, I'll do it! Please just don't hurt me anymore!" (Substitute "Mom" for "June" and you have a glimpse at my parenting style, too.)

But, invade my turf she did. And she did it well, too. Try her suggestions. I have been baking a similar, although slightly less complicated, version of 5 minute bread for a couple of years now. Alex calls it "Little slices of heaven." 

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