Monday, January 11, 2010

Pay it Forward

So of course by now you've figured out that I consider bestowing my knowledge of cooking on you as paying it forward. I know, I share, you benefit. But I can only be so crass for so long. Once in a while I have to let down my smart-assy-ness and show juist a bit of sincerity and humanity. I am not hard-hearted, after all.

I received a "kreative blogger" award from my friend over at Hope Radio. I am supposed to list seven things about myself that you don't know and then pass the award on to seven other bloggers.

Here we go:
1. I've been told by more than one person that they were afraid of me when they first met me.

2. I will only insult you if I really like you.

3. When I was 18 I carried out groceries at Corona Del Mar Gelson's for Harriett Nelson.

4. I didn't know I was pregnant with my third child until I felt her kick at 4 months.

5. I told my daughter at age 7 that Ben and Jerry's Rain Forest crunch contained alcohol, so she wasn't allowed to eat it.

6. I once road my horse home from the bar drunk (me not the horse) putting the snaffle bit backwards in his mouth. He didn't buck me off. When I dismounted, though, I fell flat on my back on the grass. He put his head down next to me and ate the grass.

7. My favorite thing is to drink champagne and cook dinner for my family while listening to jazz. You probably already knew that, though, so it shouldn't count.

So, here are my "Kreative Blogger" awards. That's "Creative Blogger for the un-spelling challenged.

Here's my problem, though: all my favorite bloggers already got this award!

Hope gave it to my favorite blog of all time" Castra Praetoria. This guy went to Iraq about the same time as my son did. It was so good to read some funny stuff and see some pictures of places I knew Ben had actually been. He still writes some very funny, biting, and insightful commentary. Plus, he's a Marine who likes martial arts, just like my boy. (Did you all not know that Ben is not only a big-badass Marine, he is also a second degree black belt in Karate? He can kick your ass. Or protect it, as he felt the need to protect me when I took off down a dark alley in New York City following a Chinese woman who promised me cheap knock-off handbags, He thought I was nuts and proceeded to practically run after me. I was fine. Since he wasn't a Marine at the time, he didn't know that I am as tough as they get. I raised a Marine.)

Laura is also a great blogger. She of course, started this blog for me and wrote the first post. She also wrote my profile, which makes me laugh so much I have never changed it. I'll have to admit I like her old blog better when she wrote about her life in our little Fisher Price village as she calls it. She now blogs as part of her job and while I am not terribly interested in all of the bird stuff, she remains a great writer and a fabulous photographer, even if she isn't so great in the kitchen. (Although I don't know, she DID make Boeuf Bourguignon yesterday. I may be getting through to her). Read the old blog, linked above to read a very funny, well written story about ME!

Another old blog (do you see a theme here) is Priscilla's. I wish she would start up again.

I also love Janet Reid's blog. I have no aspirations to publish a book, but she is so funny, she makes me want to send a query just to see if I could get a response. Or a mention in her blog as a dumb-ass.

I have also recently started reading TexasHeather's blog. While she is not a smart ass, she is a good ole Texas girl who finds herself transplanted to Brazil. Good Stuff.

I have a soft spot for Marine bloggers. One Marine's view is really good.

and Cake Wrecks is hysterical,

You'll notice a distinct lack of other food bloggers. That's because I don't read them. Most of the time, they just irritate me.

And I haven't written about food at all today. No time to post any recipes, Hannah needs to check her Facebook. Like, Now, Mom!

For dinner, I'm making pan-seared salmon with a lemon-sherry reduction, roasted broccoli, some type of yet to be determined risotto, and salad with blue cheese and some kind of fruit, probably dried apricots and toasted pecan. Wait, make that prosciutto wrapped baked salmon. See, I have a plan. A nice, changeable plan.


TexasHeather said...

Okay, I promise to read the other blogs you linked, but can I just be mentioned in the same list as Cake Wrecks??? Wow.

I will blog this tomorrow, with links of course : )

Thank You!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the props, June! Not sure how this kreative blogger stuff works, but I like your other picks.